Zippy Engage Data Processing

Zippy Engage records data about certain actions and behaviors taken by visitors on this site and on sites with the Zippy Engage product installed.

The data Zippy Engage uses falls into two categories: User (That's you!) data and Visitor data.

Out of respect for your privacy and the privacy of your visitors, we limit this information to the minimum required to deliver the product features of Zippy Engage, but some data collection is required.

Data Processes for Users

  • Zippy Engage receives payment data from Stripe regarding your subscriptions and payments when you purchase the Zippy Engage product. This is stored as an order and is used to verify your regular access to Zippy Engage.
  • When you create your Zippy Engage account, you share details including your name, email address, billing address, and account password. This information is stored so that you may securely access the site.
  • Your name and email will be used to send any non-marketing communication related to platform performance, technical updates, and legal changes.
  • Your data is available for modification, export, and deletion from within your Zippy Engage dashboard.

Data Processes for Visitors

  • When a visitor views a page that has Zippy Engage installed, anonymous IDs are created for that user, their current session, and the device they are using, along with basic mobile or desktop data.  This is used in order to associate behaviors with a specific visitor.
  • When a visitor submits their name and email server through an opt in form within an Engagement, their email will be sent to the third party service that you have integrated with your Zippy Engage account.  For example, if you have integrated with MailChimp, their name and email will be added to the email marketing list you have specified.
  • When a visitor views a page with Zippy Engage installed, their IP address is sometimes used to determine a geographic location. This location can be used for targeting Engagements and creating Alerts. The IP address is not retained once the location has been determined or if it is not required.
  • When you have created an Alert for a specific page and form, Zippy Engage will monitor form submissions from your visitors on that page. If the information matches criteria you have defined within your account, that information will be transmitted to Zippy Engage for processing.
  • If you use Zippy Engage with Shopify, information about your visitor's cart, specifically when it was created, last updated, and what products it contains, will be recorded. This information is used to determine if they have abandoned their cart and, if so, to deliver offers or messages that you have defined.
  • All data about page views and Engagement interactions are analyzed to provide aggregate statistics detailing how Zippy Engage performs and is used by visitors. These are available as Analytics within your Zippy Engage dashboard.
  • All data about specific Engagement interactions, including on a statement by statement level, are recorded. These actions are analyzed as Conversation and Statement Analytics, providing insight into how visitors interact and respond to your engagements.
  • IP address and browser data is received by the server and purged immediately instead of being logged and stored.

Third Party Data Sharing

  • Zippy Engage uses Google Analytics to track usage of our application.
  • Data collected by Zippy Engage is not sold to third-party services and is only used to track usage of the Zippy Engage application and to improve application performance.


Cookie Name Duration Purpose
XSRF-Token 2 Hours Used to authenticate requests for security purposes
laravel_session 2 Hours Used to identify the users browsing session
laravel_token 2 Hours Used to authenticate internal API Requests
_utma 2 Years Cookie used by Google Analytics
_ga Indefinite Cookie used by Google Analytics
_gid Indefinite Cookie used by Google Analytics
engageData 30 Days Local Storage used by Zippy Engage to track behavior and interactions